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‘Who are they gonna believe you or me?’: Texas prosecutor fired after drunken Uber tirade

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In what is probably Exhibit A for a one-star passenger rating, a Dallas assistant district attorney was fired after she drunkenly insulted and threatened an Uber driver, then said police officers the driver summoned would believe her side of the story and “f— you up.”

In a flash, Jody Warner’s intoxicated tirade — recorded by the driver and shared widely — made the Dallas prosecutor the latest example of someone with a very public job who was suddenly humbled after demeaning a blue-collar worker.

Warner had worked for the Dallas County district attorney’s office for the past six years as a prosecutor in the crimes against children unit.

On Friday night, she was also an intoxicated fare who summoned an Uber for a ride home from a Dallas pub.

Shaun Platt, the 26-year-old driver who showed up, told ABC News that the ride soured after Warner told him to quit using GPS to get her home and to follow her directions instead — then abruptly stopped giving them.

They argued back and forth, he said, and he had enough when she started calling him names, including “retard.” He stopped the car, ended the ride on the app and told her she needed to get out.

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