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WATCH: Disabled vet rips cop who told him he couldn’t park in handicap spot because ‘you can walk’

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Ain’t this a BITCH now with all the shit that’s going down in the Country with the police videotaped and killing people of color You’d think this damn doughnut eatin’ Officer Michelin black man would think TWICE before approaching a disabled black man named Isaiah James who served his country well was injured serving three tours of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Okay this Mr James who has an invisible disability parked his car in the disable section in front of Walgreens sooo what does officer Michelin black man do? He gets out his car confront this James who has an invisible disability remember now they both black. As I watched this YouTube video I found myself yelling at Officer Michelin black man. To make matters worse he done knocked the disabled veteran phone right out of his hand and cracks the phone LAWD wtf? So Isaiah calls the cops on his broke ass cell phone while the police are on their way these two fools continue arguing whether he’s disabled or not MAAAAAN this video could be an episode of The Boondocks!!! Thank GOD Mr. James wasn’t shot or killed for something as stupid as whether he was handicapped enough to parking in a handicapped parking spot. I agree Mr. James this was horse shit and a half! LOL Maybe officer Michelin man needs to quit his job and work at Krispy Kreme!


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