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Warrant issued for man recording disturbing child abuse video

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FOX13 learned a warrant has been issued for Christian Banks, father of the newborn in a disturbing child abuse video that circulated Facebook.

Banks told FOX13 Tuesday he recorded the 13-minute video where two-week-old Christian Moore’s mother, Faith Moore, is seen throwing the infant and telling her other six-year-old daughter to throw him. The incident happened July 17.


Following the ordeal, Faith was taken by Memphis police to Lakeside for a mental evaluation. She was released a short time later.

According to the warrant, Banks is wanted for two counts of Aggravated Child Abuse. Anyone who knows where Banks is can call Crime Stoppers at 901-528-CASH (901-528-2274).

Memphis police told FOX13 Banks’ warrant is because of his role in videotaping his infant child being abused.


“State law says every adult in the state of Tennessee has a responsibility to report child abuse, and failure to do so violates state law,” said Vince Higgins, spokesperson for the Shelby County District Attorney.

According to Tennessee Code 39-15-401 is a class A misdemeanor if “a parent or custodian of a child eight years of age or less commits child endangerment who knowingly exposes such child to or knowingly fails to protect such child from abuse or neglect resulting in physical injury to the child.”

Higgins told FOX13 Aggravated Child Abuse carries a sentence of between 15 and 60 years depending on if the person has more priors and what their criminal record is.

As for any possible charges against Faith, MPD Spokesperson Louis Brownlee told FOX13 that is “still ongoing.”

Baby Christian’s grandmother Lily Moore spoke with FOX13 over the phone Thursday evening. She told us they decided to take her daughter Faith back to Lakeside after a minor episode earlier this week.

Lily also told FOX13 they have a hearing next Tuesday to determine who will receive custody of baby Christian.


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