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Taylor Swift is Releasing Her Album on the 10th Anniversary of Donda West’s Death and Black Twitter not Pleased!

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Before we begin, we should first acknowledge that all Beckies are the same. Maybe one day in the near future we will have a complete listing of the different kinds of Beckies, but for today, you should just know that according to the National Academy of White Women Arts and Sciences, Taylor Swift is rated as a Class C Becky, which is a midlevel ranking that corresponds to her milquetoast, passive-aggressive whiteness.

For comparison, if Swift were a drink, she’d be a room temperature Mr. Pibb. If Swift were a dance, she’d be the two-step. If Swift were sex, she’d be a dude with his T-shirt and socks on fucking in the missionary position while the woman has her eyes closed with her hands on his chest to stop him from “going too crazy.”

But for all her alabaster averageness, Swift sits in the Beckydom somewhere between Megyn Kelly and the white woman at your job who secretly complained to HR when you wore a Black Lives Matter T-shirt on casual Friday.



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