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Tattooed Man Arrested After 4-Hour Standoff

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Remember people, meth is a hell of a drug and this story proves just that. 32-year-old Matthew Joseph Medlin was arrested Saturday after a four-hour standoff with Portland. Medlin was also reportedly high on meth and had been awake for 26 hours before police arrived.

The stand off began after police received a report of a man  seen climbing on top of train cars at a rail yard.  Police say they tried to talk to him, and he allegedly jumped inside of an open rail car, refusing to come out and grabbing objects around him to use as weapons.

During the confrontation with officers,  he injected himself with more meth and began acting even more crazy. They withstood the debris and eventually used a taser to subdue him. He was taken to an area hospital for treatment and booked into the Multnomah County Jail on numerous charges. Those charges include two counts of first-degree criminal mischief, two counts of resisting arrest, two counts of second-degree criminal trespass, interfering with a peace officer, and disorderly conduct. He is also being held on an unrelated parole violation.




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