Racial Satire ‘White Squad’ Is Painfully Hilarious But All Too Real

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When I woke up this morning got a Facebook message from one of my followers who sent me a link and the headline had me rollin’ on the floor with laughter!(rotfl) with my bottle of ice water in my hand and my smartphone in the other I clicked the link and as I watched this commercial (Satire) I spit my water out my mouth and almost choked while laughing if only this was a real Agency for people of color I’d be on cell or my laptop like the flash! White Squad is fictional (I wish it wasn’t) White privilege is REAL! This satire was created as a part of MTV’s Look Different campaign to illustrate how white privilege works and how it impacts people’s lives.
SIGH it’s only for laughs but with a message that white privilege is REAL and YOU WHITE PEOPLE MUST take your 3D (Defense, Denial; Delusion) glasses off; recognize it then DO something about it with the help from PoC.
From what see from the comments section of the white squad Facebook page SOME white folks just DON’T GET IT! They feel this satire has further divide us as a people, some are sooooo offended I’m thinking why should they be offended when the truth is right there. One dude reported white squads Facebook page writing that it was racist he even gave step by step instructions LOL (I’m laughing AT HIM NOT WITH HIM) How are we going to heal the wounds of racism if we DON’T talk about White privilege and white supremacy and how it affects people of color. Be sure to tune in for white people Wednesday July 22nd @ 8/7c on MTV if you miss it you know they’ll have reruns for months!
Meet the “White Squad” a group of well-meaning white people looking to help out people of color. The squad is introduced in a new, brilliant satire by MTV Decoded… Via: Aaron Barksdale Huffpost

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