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Manga That You Should Be Reading

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Hey anime\manga fans, if you’re looking into any material to read manga wise I have a few good suggestions:

My first choice, My Hero Academia. It tells the tail of Izuki Midoriya, who is a regular middle school student who gains super powers in a world where super powers are the norm. He dreams of one day becoming hero one day and attends Yuei High School to help him realize his goal.

Next is Assassination Classroom. A series about an Octopus like alien teaching a class of students who are tasked with trying to kill him by the end of the school year or he’ll destroy the earth. I’ve only read a few chapters of this but it’s definitely well worth the read.

Now this is a series any anime fan should know about. While One Piece is definitely LONG it’s worth reading. Plus it always gets the number one spot as the best selling manga in Japan so you know it’s doing something right.

And last but not least, Fairy Tail. Like One Piece I’m way behind in this series but I enjoy reading it. It has a great balance of action and comedy.

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