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Lowe’s Delivery Driver Says Store Halted a Delivery Because He’s Black

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WOW JUST WOW…. you’d think this was 1955 I was not aware that a company who services the PUBLIC could satisfy a RACIST OLD ASS WHITE WOMAN’S wishes to not have a black person deliver her items to her crusty old house that’s she’s had since 1903! I wonder what made her heart so BLACK and ashy she seems to have no empathy no sympathy NO SHITS TO GIVE about PoC(people of color) maybe she mad segregation ended maybe she mad that her pacemaker that’s keeping her alive was enhanced and made better by a BLACK man named Otis Boykin, maybe she mad she has to business with the COLORED PEOPLE? (I MEAN THAT SARCASTICLY) Whatever her reason LOWE’S accommodated her in a very RACIST, not so business like way. I say DON’T BUY AT LOWE’S BUYBLACK AND GIVE BACK OUR BLACK BUSINESSES. Ya’ll know she mad cause we have a colored President!


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