Harold Perrineau Defends Daughter Aurora Perrineau

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Well looks like someone’s up in their feelings. Ever since Jem and the holograms cast was announced people were highly upset when the role of Shana, the African American character was cast by a biracial woman names Aurora Perrineau.

Not only has this movie gotten backlash, but this particular casting has gotten a lot of hell as well. The reason why is because instead of getting a woman who actually matches the skin tone, they went for the “lighter and brighter’ method of casting.

But there is one person who isn’t too happy about these comments made about Aurora and that’s her father Harold Perrineau.

Perrineau went on a rant saying people are only bashing her daughter based on her skin color and not her acting skills. He even quoted part of Martin Luther King’s Speech ” I Have A Dream” speech.

He also stated that since a lot of people are up in arms about the casting choice that that should channel their anger in to making characters that match the physical description themselves.

While I do agree about the casting part he should’ve already known what mess his daughter was getting into when she took that role. Black people are tired of the white washing in Hollywood which is why people went so hard at this girl. But then again the movie flopped anyway so I call it karma.

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