Halle Berry wants to do a Solo Storm movie

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With Wolverine about to get his 3rd solo movie and Gambit getting his first movie next year. It seems like Halle Berry wants to add Storm into the mix. Halle Berry has stated that she would love to do a solo Storm movie in the future, at least before she turns 65 she says.

My thoughts? While I would love a Storm solo movie I just don’t think Halle Berry would fit the role. A woman of African descent should play her seeing is how Storm is African.

I don’t know what’s Hollywood’s deal on casting lighter skinned women in these types of roles. The same could be said for Akexandra Shipp because I for one don’t know why she was cast as Storm for X-Men Apocalypse. Lupita Nyongo would’ve been perfect for this type of role but it seems like that’s just wishful thinking.

Let me know your opinions!


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