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Facebook really has something against free speech for SOME people I got put in Facebook jail for because a trump supporter got butt hurt over my reply to her. She did not like the fact I used the N-word ending in ER to describe how we all will be treated once their GOD Donald Trump gets sworn in as president. I get it you don’t like what someone so you stifle their words and their freedom of speech by reporting what offended YOU. But there’s a double standard when it comes to racist white folks, people of color speaking the truth even GOOD hearted white people who speak against injustice can’t have a conversation without the fear of being blocked because someone got offended by what was said.

But let you racists, homophobic, xenophobia, islamophobic  people use HATE speech or a slur i it’s not reported or if the offensive post is reported NOTHING is done about it. The only time the GODS of FB will take the offensive post down is when it has gone viral effects their business. But I guess I should stop BITCHING and take my punishment and sit in FB Jail until THEY decide to lift my suspension. It must be nice to be white right and racist on FB cause ya’ll sure can say whatever you want with no conscience. Hmmmm?? Maybe next time I’ll put an a instead of the ER!


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