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Elfen’s Rant Blackface or NOT to Blackface?

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Via Twitter Claire Kempe, 17 dressed as Kodack Black for school spirt day


Before I get this letter going let me start by writing to all my Black Brothers and Sisters who may have been attacking Claire Kempe, 17, attends Countryside High School in Clearwater, she came to school dressed as her favorite rapper Kodack Black with NO BLACKFACE but you still found her costume racist? She did EVERYTHING right she had her little styrofoam cup his tats her hair was done in bantu knots. Ya’ll HYPOCRITES really don’t understand racism and what Blackface is cause if you did you would NOT have bullied this young lady. PLEASE GO READ A BOOK ON BLACKFACE OR EVEN YOUTUBE BLACKFACE cause ya’ll definitely ain’t gonna learn this at school.

This is an open letter to ALL white folks who think wearing blackface as part of your costume or cosplay showing your love for our Black and brown skin celebrities,

Halloween is coming near this it is a time to show off our creative skills in the makeup chair now ya’ll love Michinne from the Walking Dead but you don’t need to paint your face dark skin with a realistic prosthetic nose. You don’t have to put on Blackface to look like Crazy eyes all you need to do is get you an orange jump suit and put your blond straight hair into mini buns, I mean Bantu Knots and you’ll be the life of the party!

To the fella’s if you admire our boy Keapernick that’s cool really cool cause you understand WHY this Brother Is taking a knee okay you got a Keapernick number 7 jursey great all you need to do is get you an Afro wig or a football helmet NO BLACKFACE REQUIRED! and you ready to impress da ladies 😉

YOU CAN DO THIS MY LOVELY WHITE PEOPLE! I know ya’ll like Kanye West and his wife Kim I know it’s hard not to admire Kanye with his dark skin beautiful face and nice smile but all you need to do is get some raggedy close throw them into a musty closet with some moths let them bite holes in them and BAM!! YOU GOT YEEZY WEAR!! Then go to the barbershop and get you a low cut fade, some sunglasses and a chain you good!

Any Steven Universe fans reading my blog? GOOD if you love Garnet that’s cool but DON’T try to be so accrete you want to put on blackface if you really think about it Garnet is RED. While Halloween and Cosplaying is fun but PLEASE WHITE PEOPLE DON’T PUT ON BLACKFACE CAUSE YOU MIGHT GET KNOCKED IN THE FACE!




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