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Black Panther Excitement

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With Black Panther about 3-4 months away from being released into theaters, a lot of us have very high expectations for this movie.

For me, I have nothing but high expectations for this movie. Judging from how the trailer looks i expect nothing but the best from Black Panther. One of the things that I look forward to is the technological advances of Wakanda. As we all know, if Wakanda was a real country we would all pack up and move there if we could. It is going to be very interesting to see how much vibranium has advanced the country.

The second thing I want to see are the different Black Panther suits that T’Challa has and what they can do. It has been shown That T’Challa owns more than one suit. One specifically looks like it absorbs kinetic energy then releases it. I’d love to se if the costume from Civil War has the same effect as well.

As with every super hero movie there will always be a villain, and in Black Panther’s case there’s three. I’m anxious to see what The Claw, M’Baku and Erik Killmonger bring to the table. More specifically Killmonger and his Jaguar suit. It will be great to see these rivalries on the big screen in February next year and I can’t wait for its Sequels.

How much hype do you have for Black Panther?

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