Batman Vs Superman Review

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As you all know one of the most anticipated Super Hero movies came out this weekend, and that is Batman vs Superman.

While I initially heard bad reviews about this movie, I wanted to see it for myself before I gave my judgement on it. After seeing it myself last night I can say that while I don’t hate the movie, I’m kinda disappointed in it.

To start off, let me first say that Ben Affleck was AWESOME as Batman. I had my doubts about him at first but he definitely proved me wrong in this movie. Henry Cavill once again made a great Superman and Gal Gadot did great as Wonder Woman. But as far as Lex Luthor goes, Jessie Eisenberg wasn’t really the best choice for a villain like Luthor.

Throughout the movie it felt like I was watching a socially awkward nerd on crack than an intimidating villain.

Another thing that bothered me about the movie are the constant cutaway scenes and it seeming like that movie had too many plot points. You have one instance where you’d be focused on Superman than all of a sudden it switched to Batman, then Lex Luthor in plots that didn’t really matter or didn’t really make sense.

Now for the actual fight between Superman and Batman and then Doomsday. The fight between these two would’ve been better if Superman wanted to fight Batman willingly instead of being forced to by Lex Luthor. Aside from that the fight was very enjoyable visually though. As for Doomsday we all know he was there as a way to bring the 3 heroes together to fight the “common enemy” which I do again admit was enjoyable visually but could’ve been executed better or saved for another movie.

All in all, Batman vs Superman is the first super hero movie in a while that walked away from feeling underwhelmed. Would I see it again? I’m in no rush to, but I still say go out and see it to give your own personal judgement on it. For me, out of 10, I give it a 6.

Well there’s my take on it, let me know what you think!

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