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‘Zombiefied’ Angelina Jolie lookalike reveals her normal face

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A teen who claimed she had undergone 50 surgeries to look like her idol Angelina Jolie has admitted she faked the whole thing to “amuse” herself. Looking back, I am not sure why we did not realize this was a bit of joke sooner, but she got us.

Sahar Tabar had been called a “zombie” by cruel commenters after her scary Instagram selfies of her gaunt face went viral.

But, as the Sun Online reported last week, many viewers had a hunch that the teenager was using Photoshop to tweak her pictures.

And now, 19-year-old Tabar has come clean and admitted that her shocking, emaciated look is not real.

Rather than a result of surgery or drastic weight loss, the Iranian teen’s look was created through a combination of makeup and computer wizardry.

Tabar told Russian news outlet Sputnik: “Now I can see that I have something in common with [Angelina Jolie], but I amuse myself, and to look like someone is not my goal.”

She added that her look, characterized by hollow cheeks, inflated and pouting lips, and bright blue eyes shouldn’t be taken at face value.

When I saw the picture a second time on social media I finally noted that she was wearing contacts. So I simply concluded this was a makeup look left over from Halloween, because no one would wear grey, ashen makeup on purpose, right? 🙂

Tabar added: “Every time I post a photo, I make my face more fun and funny, it is a form of self-expression, a kind of art.”

“My fans know that this is not my real face.”

Now, unretouched photos have emerged that allegedly show the Instagram star without her makeup and contacts.

Tabar looks startlingly normal in the pics, posted on her second Instagram account back in October.

Suspicion emerged around her photos after an eagle-eyed viewer claimed one of her more extreme selfies had been edited in Photoshop.

The warped background and odd lines in the shot suggest it had been tweaked using a computer.

Well, there you have it. Capitalize on your new found fame babe.

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