X-Men Apocalypse Review (Spoilers)

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Well after a long wait it’s finally here. X-Men Apocalypse hit U.S. theaters today and I ad the pleasure of seeing it. When I walked out of the theater I can say that I was satisfied with this movie. This goes to show that you can’t listen to everything critics say.

Despite it’s less than popular reviews at the moment, I say you should go to see it yourself to judge it. That being said this movie is not without flaws as i had some dislikes as well. Now that I got that out of the way let’s dive into the good and bad.


What I enjoyed about the movie are the character re introductions and development. Seeing Cyclops, Jean Grey, and Nightcrawler was great and refreshing to me. It was good to see Cyclops get some actual decent character development other than being Jean’s boyfriend. Watching him get his powers and participate in the final fight was great. Jean Grey was great also, and it was nice to get a proper version of the phoenix. Nightcrawler’s humor was great as well as Professor X’s. James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender did great jobs as Professor X and Magneto like always. I definitely look forward to seeing more of the younger cast in future movies.

I Loved Oscar Isaac’s performance as Apocalypse. I thought he was very menacing and you could tell that the character Apocalypse had a very sick and twisted God-Complex about himself. Altering his voice during certain scenes was a nice touch as well. Just like Days Of Future Past, Quicksilver once again stole the show! His mansion rescue was awesome and out did his speed scene in previous movie. Like Nightcrawler I enjoyed his humor as well. I look forward to see more of Quicksilver in future movies as well. Hugh Jackman once again killed as Wolverine. While he didn’t speak he definitely delivered as usual and it’ll be sad to see him go next year.


Like with every movie with the good there is also the bad. While I enjoyed this movie, there was a few things that I had issue with starting with the four horsemen. It seem like out the four Magneto has the most development out of all of them. Storm had development as well but she didn’t really do too much till the final fight. There wasn’t really and background on Angel or Psylocke. While Psylocke’s action scenes were good she didn’t say too much which was an issue with a lot of people myself included.

I was disappointed with the fact that Angel was killed off before he could get proper development. One minute he was cage fighting then the next moment he gets killed when a jet crashes with him in it. Another unnecessary death that was in this movie was Alex Summers AKA Havok. Not only was his death not needed he death was a complete accident. It would’ve been great to see Cyclops and Havok’s dynamic in future movies but it looks like Bryan Singer just threw down the drain.

Overall I still enjoyed this movie I just wished certain things would’ve turned out differently with certain events and characters. I look forward to seeing future X-Men movies with characters such as Mr. Sinister, the New Mutants, the X-Force, and the Deadpool sequels. On a scale of one to 10. I give X-Men Apocalypse an 8 out of 10. Go out and see it this weekend to judge it for yourself.



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