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Woman has sick sexual obsession with 11 year old

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We got a sick story coming out of Grand Rapids, Michigan involving a sick 44 year old woman having a sick sexual obsession with an 11 year old boy.

Between May 2013 and April 2015, Jessica Carlton shared explicit photos and videos with the boy. She also kept two journals, one to memorialize her sexual fantasies and another she wrote I love you in every night. She even went as far as to carve his initials into her skin and went to visit him in his hometown giving him gifts.

The boy’s mother found out in March and got detectives involved. Detectives caught Carlton having a conversation with the boy revealing her sexual fantasies about him. She has since been arrested and charged with 14 counts of endangering the welfare of a child . Her bail is set at $175,000.

This is absolutely sickening that this woman would have these types of thoughts about a child. Parents please monitor who your kids talk to online cause you never know what kind of danger they’re in.

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