Watered Down Hip hop: The well oiled Assembly line Pt 1

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One day I was sitting in a co works car she had her radio on blast to a local R&B hip hop station while sitting in her car listening to this so called music I really didn’t like what I heard but oddly but not oddly I found myself humming; bobbing my head to this monotonous popprap, popr&b as the next song started playing it sounded like the song before it, there was no originality nothing to make me wanna turn it up and ask who’s this I need to go to iTunes and download the whole album.


While bobbing my head I thought of how genuinely, greedy these three  BIG music  juggernauts groups are they knew exactly how to impose, manipulate, brainwash, whitewash; bamboozle their mass and diverse audience; crush other genres of music like Jazz, classical music Hard, soft Rock, Heavy Metal, country; R&B. Today you can turn your radio dial to any radio station and hear the same type of music there’s no variety no individuality, although I don’t care for all rock music it would be nice to hear some screaming; a howl of the lead band member. I love jazz, gospel, SOME rock, Neosoul Hip hop ol’ skool mainstream Hip hop from 1988-1998. Vince Staples a rapper from Long Beach has stated “The 90’s get a lot of credit but I don’t know why…”  Yes Stapes can be an asshole and give his opinion but how are you gonna give your opinion but  to not know shit about what he’s talking about is wack. Staples to me is nothing more than a RAPPER with no real lyrical talent    It is my belief that mainstream radio and corporations like Universal, Warner; EMI music groups  is the cause of the decline in music programs in our schools,technology; money is the culprit of why all the genres of music has declined.


Even MTV, VH1; BET are no longer music video driven tv networks. TRUE hip hop musicians like Jay Z; Kanye West were once socially conscious Hip hop artists but somehow got rapped up with the money, power; the mainstream fame.I think it’s sad really while watching tv a car commercial came on with this amazing song bumpin in the background I was like who is that?


My mama who is was born in a time when music and creativity was a blossom was like that’s ZZ Ward! Now you know if ya mama can tell you who the artist is; sing along it must be good!! The past few years I have wondered where; why  all this rich socially conscious hip hop and that R&B that makes you want to turn up your radio and say HEEELLLL YEAH THAT’S MY JAM got lost  buried underground .

 Well of course I know the answer now so I’m going to teach you introduce you to a whole new way of looking at hip hop and the difference between poprap, popr&b; TRUE HIP HOP; R&B Good music has no color I truly hope with my written thoughts of this watered down hip hop and R&B we all can think of how to bring back the uniqueness; creativity of this genre; others that have been snuffed out by this watered down poprap;popr&b. I feel it is my; likeminded people responsibility to educate and expose our young ones to our music past and what REAL MUSIC sounds like. The next time you turn on your favorite popr&b; poprap radio station tell me if the artists (s) or band sounds different can you tell them apart? Is the hook; the chorus unique, is there any true meaning to what your listening to? From what I hear mainstream poprap today has no real listening value. Part 2 of my watered down hip hop series will explore these three music groups and why TRUE hip hop has gone underground. 



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