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Walmart, Amazon stir controversy with Halloween Israeli soldier children’s costume

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Racism; hate is thought  so why would Walmart; Amazon agree to sell this RACIST Costume? I know because they support the prison industrial complex and they probably racist.


From CBS News– Some people are questioning what Walmart and Amazon were intending when they listed a child-sized Israeli Army soldier’s uniform as a Halloween costume, but it’s now inciting some strong social media controversy.

According to a report from CBS News, critics are claiming the retailers are sending the wrong message by selling the costume, which features olive-green pants and jacket with Hebrew writing, as well as red beret. Neither Walmart nor Amazon immediately returned a request for comment.

With Halloween only days away, the costume is stirring up strong feelings among critics on social media.

The retailers are selling the costume as a fun option for children just as violence between Palestinians and Israel’s government has been mounting. Despite an agreement brokered over the weekend by the U.S., violence between Israelis and Palestinians continued on Sunday and Monday, according to The Washington Post, which cited “lethal reprisals” from Israel in response to Palestinian attacks.

As of Tuesday morning, Amazon had more than 100 reviews of the costume, with most of them giving the item one star and highlighting their views of Israeli military….



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