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Uber Driver Kicks Not-Racist White People Out of Car For Being Racist

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White Boy needs to be glad that this black man the  Uber drivers foot didn’t end  up in his WHITE PRIVLAGE ASS. This is TRUMP EFFECT. See white folks forget we black folks nor some of our white friends will  NOT sit quietly. We will NOT let you racist call us nigger. With the hard R. Ya’ll racists need to remember this is not the 1950’s or 1960’s. A lot of folks DON’T have the time for you racist bigoted opinions. So as I always say Just take your Medicine for the diarrhea  of your racist bigoted  mouth. It’s not worth getting knocked the fuck out   then then discover later you got recorded and  that yo’ racist white privilege  ass picked up off the ground  by yo’ other racist friends.



I love how this writer puts his take on this situation. READ MORE:

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