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Tomi Lahren Disses Beyoncé And Colin Kaepernick

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Tomi Lahren is back. Why? I am not sure. How? Again, I am not sure.  But she managed to find her way to twitter to hate on Beyonce and Kaepernick after Bey awarded Kaepernick with the Muhammad Ali Legacy Award (Congratulations Kaepernick!!!).

Wow indeed.  I will start by addressing her belittling Kaepernick by pegging him ‘Kappy’ (insert side eye here).

I do not agree with Lahren’s politics  antics, not only because they are not conducive to innovating change for all types of people, but it is the fact that she does not even use relevant examples to fuel her anger-ridden attempts at appeasing certain parts of White bigoted America. Instead she focuses on a successful business woman that puts out hits after hits that I am sure even Lahren’s mother bops to on occasion, and a social martyr that was protesting injustice-and got fired for it. These two are not exactly the best to try and drag through the mud, Lahren, as I am sure she figured out by the stings and the unrelenting roasting the Beehive and Black Twitter have served her.

But that is to be expected from Lahren, someone who got fired on her day off and tried to rally the support of the women she dissed to help her get her job back. Tsk tsk.

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