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Terry Crew’s Groper Is Revealed

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Hollywood’s cover is finally being blown. May actors, and even adults who were child actors are coming out with allegations of sexual abuse.

A few weeks back Terry Crews revealed that he had also been a victim of sexual harassment at the hands of a powerful Hollywood man.

Variety is now reporting that Adam Venit, the longtime head of WME’s motion picture group, is on leave from the agency as it probes an allegation of sexual harassment involving actor Terry Crews.

Crews disclosed via social media on Oct. 10 that he was groped last year at a “Hollywood function” by a “high-level Hollywood executive.” Sources close to the situation said Crews in recent days has been preparing to cite Venit as the unnamed executive. Crews is a client of WME.

Reps for WME and Venit declined to comment, as did a spokeswoman for Crews.

Details about the incident, including the setting of the event, remain sketchy. It’s unclear if Venit’s alleged intent was overtly sexual or if it was aggressive horseplay that crossed a line. Crews said the groping occurred in full view of his wife.

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