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Terence Clutcher and Keith Lamont Scott

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It looks like a repeat of the week of the 4th of July again. Within the span of two days two black men have been shot and killed for nothing other than being black.

Let’s start with Terence Clutcher a man who had car trouble and called the police for assistance, no gun, no “resistance” and yet in still the man was shot and killed in cold blood. Then the media has the nerve to say “he looks like a bad guy” or “he’s a big dude”. Wow sorry the a person who’s big is down right intimidating to the point where you need a gun. If you’re that terrified as a police officer you need to change careers asap.

Now let’s move on to Keith Lamont Scott. Yet another black man who once again was doing nothing wrong, waiting on his daughter but was shot and killed and it was all because of mistaken identity. Once again the usual steps are taken, paid administrative leave and a possible acquittal. Seriously you know it’s bad when you can play stuff like this out to a T.

I also find it amazing how a lot of people have a problem with people not sing the national anthem or pledge but turn around and have the audacity to make excuses for these cop killings. If you want to turn and blind eye to the killings of unarmed black men the I’ll be glad to turn a blind eye to the national anthem and the pledge. Something has to give. This madness has to stop one way or another but until then the pledge and national anthem can kick rocks.

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