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Taylor Chapman took her own life after she became infamous for going on a racist tirade against a Dunkin’ Donuts employee

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Taylor Chapman took her own life after she became infamous on the internet for going on a racist tirade against a Dunkin’ Donuts employee
at 27-year-old the Florida woman who has previously worked as a video spokesperson for such establishments as Happy Wok restaurant,
For some unexplained reason, she decided to walk into a Dunkin’ Donuts iPhone in hand and decided to record a complaint about not being provided a receipt for a prior purchase.
“This is all being under video surveillance,” she warned one employee who remained polite.
Taylor insisted that she be  given a receipt,  citing a store policy that supposedly guaranteed her free food as a result of their oversight.
for over eight minutes the cursing Chapman records herself berating workers and even accosting fellow customers.
Well there has been a sad tragic update to all this, someone sent me some info stating that Taylor Chapman now age (29) killed herself.
Date: Jun 16, 2015
Suicide by: Undetermined
Location: Taramac, FL

From a family member’s FB page –

Emmi, Christian and I so appreciate all your thoughtful and kind comments we have received over the past several dsys. I did want to take a second but just a second (because it deserves no more than that) to speak about the viral video of Taylor. Taylor, as you know, was one of he most kind hearted people in this whole world. But Taylor rarely( like me) saw a drug she didn’t like or wouldn’t try. I don’t know. Maybe the drugs took away some of the pain her young and innocent heart felt. May be she just liked the way drugs made her feel. When Taylor made that video of herself she had been awake for a couple of days and was just out of her head. After she realized what she had done she jumped in her car and ran home.(She was in terrible shape both mentally and physically.) While taylor was here we talked about the video, what it ment for her and how terrible she had treated the people in the video. She was so ashamed of herself. We tried to get Taylor to stay and not return to Fla. but in the end she decided to return. Since then Taylor has struggled with her drug use. Taylor had most recently decided she would come home at the end of July (after her rental lease was up she said ) but she had said the same in the past so I truly do not know. The few days before T died I had not talked to her. I knew she was using again. I called but no answer. I just simply thought Taylor was lucky, that God looked over goofballs like Taylor. I just simply thought that it would be as in he past. That she would call in couple of days and say she was fine and she would be home soon. I truly thought that this time she might come because she had seemed to know there was no future there or any help there. I thought I would hear her voice again. I was wrong. Taylor died in her sleep. Taylor’s smile and heart were as big as the moon. We all hurt. Taylor hurts no more and she did hurt so bad.

Here is a video of Taylor’s rant smh, I hope she finally found peace… but it’s sad that this is forever her legacy!!

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