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Suspect Arrested In The Shooting Death Of College Student

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It’s sad to hear about people dying when they’re barely getting into the new year. As of Tuesday a suspect was arrested in the shooting death of a college student after an apparent road rage incident.

Eric Jamal Johnson, who was an active U.S. Marine, was taken in to custody in Yuma, Arizona after a warrant was put out for his arrest for shooting 20 year old Sarah Mutschlechner, a junior at the University of North Texas. Mutschlechner was driving home from a New Years Eve party at around 2:00 a.m. with her sorority sisters when a black SUV pulled up beside them.

The SUV was carrying abut five or six men and words were exchanged between the two vehicles. Someone in the SUV then fired at the car and Mutschlechner was struck before crashing her car. She remained on life support for most of the day Friday before she died, her friends also suffered minor injuries.

Barely into the new year and people are killing one another. Seriously what makes someone so mad to the point where he felt the need to pull out a gun and shoot at someone who just celebrated the new year? Him and rest of his homeboys need to be thrown under the jail for this.

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