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Student admits to putting bleach in pregnant girlfriend’s water

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A former Pennsylvania college student who was accused of intentionally putting bleach in his girlfriend’s water pleaded guilty Tuesday to attempted murder.

Police at Millersville University said Theophilous Washington, 21, from Washington, D.C., gave his girlfriend a water bottle knowing it had bleach inside, Fox 43 reported.

Washington reportedly offered his girlfriend, who was around two months pregnant at the time, the concoction in his dorm room the morning after spending the night. She allegedly felt a burning sensation in her throat, vomited, then called 911.

The man confessed to putting bleach in the water, and had said previously that he didn’t want her to have the child, LancasterOnline reported.  The woman was examined by a doctor, and both she and her now-born child are believed to not have been hurt in the incident, according to Fox 43.


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