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Ready Or Not: Lauryn Hill is Being Sued

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Lauryn Hill and her team hired a trombone player to record some songs and hit the road with her, but then fired him before ever paying him … or so he claims in a lawsuit.

Lauryn, her touring manager and her touring company are being sued by Matthew Hartnett, who says he joined L-Boogie’s team last summer for some live recording sessions. Apparently it went well, he says she offered him a touring gig through the fall.

In the docs, obtained by TMZ, Hartnett claims he billed them an industry standard rate for the sessions, and signed a 10-week tour contract — but never got paid for either. He says he was fired before the tour started.

According to the suit, Hartnett’s entitled to at least half his touring contract … not to mention another $4k or so for his studio cash. All in all he’s suing for $11,521.60 … plus damages.

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