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Raven-Symoné Thinks ‘Black Lives Matter’ Should Be ‘All Lives Matter’ [Video]

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SIGH That so Raven is NOT so Raven she’s IMO (in my humble opinion) is TRYING so HARD to be relevant until she sounds stupid we ALL KNOW ALL LIVES MATTER BUT IT DOESN’T SEEM THAT WAY! Black lives DON’T MATTER to the racists white police or any other person (RAVEN) she needs to set her NOT SO RELEVANT ASS; sit waaaaaay in the back of the bus! WHY LAWD DID THE VIEW ADD HER NOT SO RELEVANT PEANUT BRAIN TO THE VIEW? #BLACKLIVESMATTER #SANDRABLAND

Another day, another contentious Raven-Symoné remark…
Via: B.Scott Entertainment News

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