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Rape victim who escaped home, ran naked into store seeking help and was told to leave

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How could you turn away a woman who ran into your store naked and scared wanting help she had been raped for GOD SAKE!! the woman ran naked into the street, with her hands still bound behind her and screaming that someone was trying to kill her as people seeing her looked and did nothing. I am becoming very leery of people I wonder why people just look at others who are suffering; need help and do nothing but take out our camera fuckin’ phone and RECORD for shits N’ Giggles but won’t call for help. As for the employees and folks stuffin they faces with food  I wonder WHY they just let her cry and yell for help and most heartless thing was to let her stand pleading for help NAKED. As Ti says people have lost or don’t have an empathy chip installed in their brain.


If you are a Victim of Rape  contact Rape Crisis Center @  1- 877.906.7273 Vist their Website



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