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Racial Divide or Good Business #NOTONEDIME #BUYBLACK!

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For almost a month I have been arguing with an ill-informed ; ignorant white woman (TROLL WHO IS A MAN)  on a  (Facebook page supporting #NotOneDime #BlackFriday Boycott ) the meaning of racism, #Blacklivesmatter VS #Allivesmatter, why it is important to buy; to do business with Black own corporations and retailers

This white man has a right to his opinion but he is so wrong in so many levels his argument was this….

“I understand using the ‪#‎blackfriday‬ tag, but the rest of this seems a bit racist. Only buy from black owned? Only black individuals who have been attacked/killed by police are listed and remembered? If you want everyone’s support, then it has to be ‪#‎alllivesmatter‬, and not just black. You are doing a huge slight to those of us who are not black, but have been fighting this fight way longer than most.

It should be locally owned stores, not just black. We want corporate america to stand up and take notice of what is going on, then you have to include all races, not just one.

“Anyone not of the system is targeted, but you only wanna focus on one little part, so how can you be part of the solution?Reverse racism is still racism.”

Now this TROLL  seems to think that people of color who choose to support black owned businesses and corporations are racist excluding whites from their patronage. He says by doing this we are segregating ourselves;it’s about everyone not just about Black people . As I others (White people)   tried to explain why it’s so important for us people of color to support our own he continued to say that we were biting our nose to spite our face but one thing I did neglect to say to him and I wish I had (Wait I did tell him but he wasn’t caring to understand.)   we as a people of color need to build are selves up with our white allies who truly understand our plight,  who know difference between all lives matter and black lives mattering. If are allies can agree to disagree with the  black lives mattering; all lives mattering  debate  that’s fine too however I want an ally that can debate or discuss this issue without getting  personal ,defensive; attacking ones views without all the BULLSHIT. We  Black and Brown people are TIRED ASKING WE NEED TO COME TOGETHER AS ONE (with our white allies); start taking back what is ours rebuilding our communities.  As I sat back; read one commenter mentioned something I forgot about….

Commenter (who is Black) : I respect your option just one question what’s wrong with Black supporting there own first? Every other race in this country does the very as me thing, it’s why in every city ther is a China Town and a l, Korea town and don’t forget the Jewish dollar circles with in ther community something like 5 times before it goes out. We need to learn unity and the power we have in that! Just like the little ant you don’t see the little black ant crawling to the Fire ant sayin let me help you first….

As I continued to battle it out with this highly uneducated white man TROLL ( who claims to be a member of Anonymous) he seemed to not even acknowledge the FACTS given to her regarding  #BLACLLIVESMATTER VS #ALLIVESMATTER telling me/us  Everyones life matters, which is why I use the tage of #alllivesmatter. No one, regardless of their skin color should be gunned down by an out of control cop. Black, White, Brown, Green, or titty Pink. You only want to single out one color, and thats why you are losing support from folks of other color and national backgrounds.

He continues to say… (REMEMBER this TROLL claims to be  a member Anonymous)

I cant speak for all of them, and neither can you, but the ones I do talk to, support All lives
matter and BLM’s telling us that we aren’t welcome at your protests, lost you much support
with those I know.
Specially seeing as how without our support in the beginning, BLM wouldn’t even be
At this point I’m getting even more  angry saying…   Say what?? So you are saying without MIGHTY WHITEY HELP BLACK LIVES MATTER MOVEMENT WOULD NOT HAVE GOTTEN OFF THE GROUND? I continued to tell him how self-serving he was not only was his statement self-serving it was arrogant.

 This white man AKA TROLL  TRIED  to tell me and anyone else who commented to stop assuming he was white but clearly you can tell  he is  just by his conversation  and the words he used like “Blacks” even giving us an English lesson on what RACISM meant. HIS definition is the Webster’s Dictionary version that white people wrote as a generic definition so people could understand as I and a few others TRIED to tell this TROLL that there is NO SUCH THING AS REVIRSE RACSIM calling every  White;black person who commented racist. Those that posted within his thread have not  (including myself)   agreed with him but yet he still TRYING out of 872 comments; climbing to enlighten; educate Black people on  where and how to spend  OUR DIME.  This TROLL continually is telling us he does not see color; WE NEED TO STOP trying to  get special treatment  because WE ALL ARE OPRESSED!! Those of us who commented said in unison:  Btw racism = power + oppression Sooooooo how the fuck are white people being oppressed?

Because they’re fucking not!

YOU KNOW THIS HEFFA BITCH HAD AN ANSWER FOR THAT?  Troll:  The definition of ‘racism’ has already been provided. See above and show me where it says anything about power?

I’m not saying anyone should support any corporation. I’m saying you should support your local business’s, year round, regardless of what color the owner is. They opened a business in that community, and like business owners of any color, they want to make money and flourish, which in turn helps the community flourish. Just because the guy who owns the local butcher shop is white, doesnt mean he doesnt care.

Again, racism is racism, which I cant and will not support. So I guess I’ll sit this one out and focus instead on events that dont focus on just a single color.

Reading his responses was/is very comical he exclaimed  Five police officers jumped on me, threw me to the ground, dragged me off. One of them choked me once they got me behind the vehicles. Its a problem for everyone, not just black people. Pull your head out of your ass just for a moment.


Not to ignore his traumatic experience I truly understand his pain but to me that is not the same as a BLACK persons sorrow; constant fear of police brutality, white supremacy, privilege; systematic racism that she believe is NOT TRUE she has said repeatedly like she has Tourette’s

TROLL:    And your promoting that divide. You want your color to matter more, rather than focusing on the true problem, that POLICE ARE OUT OF CONTROL AND FACE NO ACCOUNTABILITY!  Ditch the race card and focus on the problem.

As we all know the #BLACKIVESMATTER MOVEMENT #BLM DOES NOT exclude ANYONE we use #BLACKLIVES as a reminder that we as  people of color  are the forgotten ones, the oppressed ones; ones have no value but a bullet to the head. To say #ALLIVESMATTER makes SOME forget that our Black Men, Woman; children are human are life is WORTH living.

Troll: if it doesnt effect white folks, then why are white folks being brutalized and killed in greater numbers than those of minority? Again, actual numbers, not percentages.

He hammered the point of white people getting brutalized; killed by police which I AGGREE with but I believe the numbers are much lower then she claims. Through her irrational writing she stated that I/we were race baiting. I asked him: How are we race baiting when black lives are snuffed out every day of every hour of every minute of our lives?  

One of many thing that he wrote just blew my mind this one made me almost fall off my chair!

Troll: Because so are whites, Native Americans, blacks, latino’s…basicly anyone who is not a part of the system is at risk. Blacks want folks to stop focusing on race, but they want to focus on race. Go it alone though, because thats worked so well for you over the years.



I’m like….



This man is NOTHING BUT A TROLL the man came on a page   that does NOT support his beliefs but yet he decided to come on our place to network with other Black Business; support encourage #BUYBLACK #NOTONEDIME to post his opinion that  he turned into FACT some of his responses made you scratch your head.  SOME White folks have that habit of TRYING to INSTRUCT Black folks how; WHERE to spend OUR (People of Color)  MONEY;  how our life should be lead. UMMMMMM NO ONE ASKED YOU WHITE TROLL BITCH!

If we are to heal the nation from racism, white supremacy, privilege; systematic; institutionalized  racism we MUST SAY #BLACKLIVESMATTER let us lead  ALL YOUR LIVES VICTORY! I will say this when more whites are killed  by police at the same rate as Black folks are ya’ll know it will become a NATIONAL EMERGENCY!!


Okay if ya’ll wanna get a good read grab ya popcorn and Tea here’s the link to the post! Careful he’ll TRY to BITE your fingers off!! https://www.facebook.com/events/921009677936471/permalink/922012134502892/

As I finish my Blog she still at it! LOOOOOL


UPDATE Wednesday 11/4/15  I and my homie and the TROLL continued to battle it out then I decided to change my approach I started posting YouTube videos of the music I was listening to along with animated sticker (the gamercat  with his head bobbin with his headphones on) I did this for several minutes OH SNAP DUDE GOT HEATED LOL simply because I stopped talking about what HE wanted HE LOST control of HIS POSTED he seemed to want to paint me as a retreaded, racist snowflake his words not mine with nothing to say. He even TRIED to say that the music , memes & stickers I  was posting had some type of hidden message but I don’t think Lakeside RAID has a subliminal message (one of the many YouTube videos I posted within his post)  But all things must come to an end! I MUST….FIGHT…. THE URGE TO BE  PETTY!  I will check in every now and then to sip tea AND NOT WRITE A WORD I may come through with some jams though! LOOOL


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