Power Rangers Movie Review

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If there’s any movie that can bring 90’s kids back to their childhood, the new Power Rangers is definitely one of them.

I saw an early screening of Power Rangers this past Thursday and I’m glad to say that I was not disappointed. The movie is the basic super hero origin story of misfits coming together to fight evil but it’s still done well.

One thing I can point out is that it is definitely not as cheesy as the original Power Rangers tv show. The teenagers in this movie are legit teenagers with attitude and not “perfect” kids.

The characters are very likable but I do have to say that the blue ranger was my absolute favorite throughout the whole entire movie. The characters are fleshed out and you really enjoy the bonding moments they have throughout the movie. Elizabeth Banks was great as Rita Repulsa and though Goldar didn’t speak it was fun seeing him fighting with the Megazord in the climactic battle.

This movie series has great potential and I look forward to seeing the sequels for this. I’m sure fans of this movie will be looking forward to seeing Tommy Oliver ( The Green/White Ranger) the most.

On a scale of 1-10 I give this movie a 9. I know I’ll be seeing it in the near future and I’m loving this new reboot of the Power Ranger franchise! If you haven’t see. Power Rangers go out and see it now!

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