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Oxford man dies in car crash after Confederate Flag rally

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Coming home from the confederate flag rally in Alabama Author Anthony Harvey 49 died Sunday July 19th when his 2005 Ford explore flipped over near the Pontotoc County just before noon.

No one deserves to die but I believe when you’ve spent half your life believing in a LIE and then writing about it as I read his quote from his book “Why I Wave the Confederate Flag” he clearly has TRIED to form his twisted opinion into FACT. (No I have not read the book but have read a page or two to know that this book is BS) He wrote a book based off of NOTHING but fictional imagination he’s wanting so much to prove to the world that The Civil War was not fought over slavery and that the demise of his race is not of the white man, but rather of our own making. WOW that was very hard for me to read I guess we all can agree to disagree and I do feel bad that he died thinking we as a people of color in America ran away from physical bondage to one far worse–mental bondage. I pray that we as a nation can TRULY see that damn confederate flag is nothing more than hate and separate but equal (UEQUAL) and this history has brainwashed a lot of our people of color. I Pray that he at least recognized his forefathers fought for his freedom.

An Oxford, Mississippi man died in a car crash Sunday while on his way back… By Staff

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