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Ohio ‘Food Stamp Millionaire’ Found Guilty of Welfare Fraud

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Interesting other white folks are making him an immigrant. IDGAF  if he’s an immigrant or not he benefited off of looking like a white man with generational wealth. And SOME white folks say black folks and immigrants  live off welfare and want hand outs. GTOH

  white and wealthy Ohio man was found guilty of accepting more than $8,300 in food stamps and other welfare benefits, including Medicaid, over a two-year period for his suburban family.The question now is, will he actually spend time in jail, or will being rich and white win out yet again?

According to WKYC, Pascal Mahvi, who has been dubbed the “Food Stamp Millionaire,” was convicted Friday of two fraud-related charges stemming from his acceptance and use of all the welfare benefits that are usually meant to be provided to those in need.

His sentencing is expected to come within the next four to six weeks, and prosecutors are supposedly seeking jail….



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