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New York white supremacist blows off his own leg while making bombs at his house: prosecutors

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An upstate New York man who blew his leg off in his garage making improvised explosive devices will be held in federal custody without bail because law enforcement found white supremacist paraphernalia and believe he’s dangerous, WGRZ reports…..

SMDH So this fool a FORMER Niagara County corrections officer Michael O’Neill, 45 who is apparently a RACIST WHITE Supremacist was in his garage making some seven deadly explosives to cause more sadness, hardship; chaos to prove that the white race is right and the world needs to be cleansed of all the BLACKS, JEWS, GAYS….

While making these seven deadly explosives he injured his leg so what did he or his family have to do call for an ambulance and of course ATF is called to the scene. Hmmm… I wonder was one of the EMT Black? LOL

Later his leg had to be amputated I am know for a FACT (he has black and brown hospital staff helping him recover) that he is going to have a long rehabilitation to get his life back together.

Have ya’ll noticed ever since the confederate flag has been removed from South Carolina state house and every retail stores online and off RACIST WHITE FOLK are getting more bold? Is this justice for Dylann Roof?

Talk about spite your nose to get back at your face.


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