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NC police chief retires after calling ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement a ‘terrorist group’ on Facebook

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WOW…. Looks like this dude was typing to much I don’t feel sorry for him NEVER TYPE ANYTHING ON Social Media that may harm you, your family, credibility last your livelihood. These RACIST polices and regular hard working white folks are really SHOWING THEIR RACIST; IGNORATE beliefs. People are afraid of the unknown for they can not see or hear into the present nor into the future they worry, gossip and make assumptions and defend the person, place or thing for they feel they know that person, place or thing telling anyone who will listen some people may say… “BLACKLIVESMATTER MOVEMENT is a racist HATE group!” when in fact it IS the opposite. So before we act as judge and jury know your FACTS before you give your opinion. White people (DON’T TAKE IT PERSONAL I DON’T MEAN ALL WHITE PEOPLE!) are getting scared of the unknown as we all are but SOME are taking it to far when it comes to their racist beliefs MANY are not racist but seem to not know or not fully understand the issues at hand,

Just this year a White man brought this to my attention he says when we people of color are talking on;offline about THEIR issues of their race, their lives, police brutality, white privilege; supremacy… WHITE PEOPLE NEED TO LISTEN MORE SPEAK;TYPE LESS READ AND TRY TO UNDERSTAND ask questions yes but don’t get offended or take it personal when the answer is not what you wanted to hear. OUR VOICES ARE NOT HEARD BECAUSE WHITE FOLKS ARE SO BUSY RUNNG THEIR MOUTH; ( trying to sympathize or cuddle us) OR TYPING until they end up NOT HEARING US; HALF ASS READING what we’re saying until what we are trying to say or teach you is lost. #BLACKLIVESMATTER however, the movement needs to regroup; get these militant hate filled, wanna kill a white, man; cop black people out of the picture; start engaging conversations about our issues that have been at the forefront of our lives that’s never REALLY been resolved and that’s TRUE racial equity and an end to the Prison Industrial Complex; abuse of power in our justice system. You say what about Black on Black crime? I’ll answer that in my next Blog. When you start caring about #BLACKLIVESMATTER then #ALLIVESWILLMATTER!



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