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Mom Whoops And Punches Son Over Bad Grades

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Well Florida is back in the news and this time it’s from Pembroke Pines. A mother is facing child abuse charges after police say she beat and punched her 12-year-old son because of bad grades, which left him with a black eye.

According to the police, Sarah Dennis’ 12 year old son brought home three F’s on his report card about 2 weeks ago. The boy told police that his mother then told him to strip down to his underwear and proceeded to beat with him with a belt.

Dennis why is 25 by the way, continued to beat the boy with the belt. She then started punching him leaving him with a black eye. The boy was forced to speak with a school counselor after he was reported of having a black eye. Dennis’ other 11 year old son also brought home bad grades and was beaten as well but was not punched.

Dennis has since been arrested and charged with child abuse. She made appearances in two courtrooms on Wednesday once in bond court and another in front of a juvenile judge. She found out the only way she can see her three kids is during a supervised visit.

First off let me point out that this woman is 25 with TWO PRETEEN KIDS! While three F’s is bad that doesn’t justify beating and punching your child as punishment. Want him to improve? Get him in after school programs, get a tutor, or actually sit down and help him with his work.

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