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Meek Mill Finally Drops Response Diss Track –Wanna Know (DRAKE DISS)

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Meek Mill Releases Drake Diss Track

After getting blasted by Drake, not once, but two times in a row, Meek Mill has finally taken his beef off Twitter hit the booth for an official diss track aimed at Aubrey.

 Meek puts Quentin Miller’s reference track for “Know Yourself” on blast, before calling Drake “Buttercup,” and even referencing an obscure incident in which one of T.I.’s homeboys apparently urinated on Drake in a movie theater…ummm Yeah  anyways Take a listen at the shots he fired back*sips tea*

here is drake’s response….FullSizeRender (59)

drake has no chill LOL!!! sorry but this response by Meek was garbage,

damn i thought he was a battle rapper smh i can’t believe i woke up for this -__-

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