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Marvel’s Mosaic

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I like any other black american likes to see heroes in comics in the same skin tone as I am. In this review I will be talking about such hero whose name is Morris Sackett otherwise known as the Inhuman Mosaic.

The story is about Morris Sackett, a professional basketball player whose life is changed forever when he is hit with a Terrigen mist bomb. As a result of this he looses his physical body but gains the ability to transfer himself from body to body gaining not only the person’s memory and knowledge and memories but also their emotions.

I am always for seeing people in comics and I for one am enjoying this story. From the looks of it while he’s not necessarily a villain you can definitely tell he’s on the anti-hero trip. From what it looks like it looks like he can do a real good job at being an infiltrator and gathering information without anyone’s knowledge.

Though I’ve never read an Inhumans comic before this is definitely pushing me towards reading about and learning about the other Inhumans that are in the Marvel Universe.  On a scale of 1-10 i give it a solid 9. Check it out at your local comic store!

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