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Man Killed By Police In Connecticut Dispute

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A man in Fairfield, Connecticut was shot and killed by police this Tuesday morning after a call was received stating he was attacking his family.

 The incident occurred at around 6:00 a.m. this morning after police were called about domestic dispute. A child in the home managed to escape the home and was able to call 911. Police soon arrived and found that the suspects wife and children had wounds on them that appeared to be from slicking and stabbing and blunt force trauma. The suspect was soon shot and killed by police.

Of the three victims, the man’s wife and one of his children are listed in critical condition and are now hospitalized. The family has not been identified.

Despite the loss of the this woman’s husband and the children’s father, it sounds relieving to hear that these people are out of harms way from this man. Hopefully they’ll make a full recovery and are able to move on from this situation.

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