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Jerhonda Pace on Allegedly Being Trained To Please RKelly

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Jerhonda Pace, alleged RKelly abuse victim, consoled by Jeannie

In these episode trailers of The Real Jerhonda Pace describes allegedly being trained to please RKelly. It seems as though The Real cast is not properly trained to interview abuse survivors.

In the first clip linked below at the :08 mark Jerhonda begins on how she was trained to sexually please a man, Jeannie seems to eagerly demand “Break that down” as she leans forward in her seat. At the :16 mark Loni suggestively asks: “how do they do it?” (referring to the sexual training), forgetting that this is a serious matter and not another opportunity for a sex joke.

In the third trailer linked below Jerhonda describes the moment she decided to escape. She lied to RKelly and managers and said that family was waiting on her, she left, and never looked back.

Comment below: should legal action be taken against RKelly?

Watch the snippets here: Jerhonda on Allegedly being trained to please RKelly:

Jerhonda describes the abuse:

Jerhonda on her Alleged Escape:

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