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It’s a sad day in Dixie’: Twitter racists sink into depression spiral after South Carolina removes flag

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white man cry 2

Subconsciously or consciously we have good or racist white folk  living in THEIR 3D world of defense, denial; delusion.
 1) Defensive These folks get DEFENSIVE when people of color and like minded white folk call them  OUT on their IGNORANT, BULLSHIT! Okay I’ll be fair when  THEY ASK we TRY to educate them on why the confederate flag is NOT something to be proud of.
  We remind them that BELOVED confederate flag they  hold so dear to their “Heritage” IS NOTHING MORE THEN A  SYMBOL OF HATE!
2) l Denial When these white  folk  read or hear the TRUTH they (SOME)  get DEAF , DUMB , STUBORN AND STUPID .

Via: The RAW Tom Boggioni

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