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Here’s the real story behind the viral photo that had so many judging this mom

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Smartphones have a double edge sward. Maybe we need to start suing folks who take our picture and or record without our permission. GOOD LUCK WITH THAT! IF THE PICTURE TAKING OR RECORDING IDOT DOESN’T HAVE THE MONEY YOU CAN’T SUE ANYWAY. I do feel for this woman though.


It’s been over a year since a photo of Molly Lensing, taken without her permission, first went viral. Still, the Illinois mom-of-three says the image continues to haunt her.

The photo was captured in a Colorado airport in 2016, where Lensing and her youngest daughter, Anastasia, then 2 months old, were attempting to return home after visiting family. In the image, Lensing looks at her cell-phone screen while her infant rests on a blanket on the airport floor…..




Albert Einstein a dit : "Je crains le jour où la technologie prendra le pas sur notre humanité. .. Le monde sera alors peuplé par une génération d'idiots "

Posted by Christian Naniot on Monday, August 28, 2017

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