Gorillaz Humanz Album Review

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While I’m definitely tale on this there was no way I could listen to Gorillaz’ new album without writing a review on it. The Gorillaz’ new album Humanz was released back on April 28th and was their first album release in 6 years. I for one can say that this album did not disappoint.

The thing that I love about Gorillaz is the fact that they’re not defined by one specific genre. In one song you can hear a pop tune, in another you can hear a more hip hop feel and so on. There are definitely a lot of songs on this album that I have on repeat such as, The Apprentice, She’s My Collar, Carnival, Out of Body and a few others.

It seems like the theme of this album is apocalyptic/ post apocalyptic. The creator of Gorillaz, Damon Albarn got this inspiration from all the the crazy events that have happened in the past year especially with the 2016 election. You can especially hear it in the album’s song; Hallelujah Money.

I enjoy the songs hyped up tone, like Ascension, the calm and soothing sounds of Busted and Blue, the techno and r&b sounds from The Apprentice and the outer space vibe from Andromeda.

This will definitely go down as one of the Gorillaz greatest albums in my opinion. Gorillaz: Humanz, if you haven’t listened to the album go check it out now!


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