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Glory Boyz Entertainment rapper, and Chief Keef associate, Capo was killed in Chicago today. In a video that surfaced online, people are tending to a badly wounded man, bleeding heavily.
According to a report by the Chicago Tribune, a shooting occurred at 1:40pm this afternoon on the 7700 block of South Kingston Avenue on the city’s South Side in which the unnamed victim was shot in the hip and back and taken to the Advocate Christ Medical Center in serious-to-critical condition. The suspected shooters ran over and killed a 1-year old boy sitting in a stroller 20 minutes after the shooting.
 The Chicago Tribune reports that the shooting victim was pronounced dead at Advocate Christ Medical Center.
a  13 month old baby died after the shooters drove off and ran over the baby’s cart, i just don’t get what is going on
this is so sad and sick!!  like iv’e  said time & time again, once you get money, you can’t just be in the hood doing the same oh’ same oh.
The sad thing is these guys will be the 1st to type on twitter about how sad it is, my BROTHER’s gone,
but will be pushing and promoting the same murder murder, kill, kill lyrics to the youth in within a week.
chief keef needs to wake up, this is the 3rd person close to his camp that done died in the past 2 yrs.
first his half bro, then blood money now capo smh. #ripcapo r.i.p to the innocent baby who died as well.
police currently have two suspects in custody.
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A disturbing video is floating around online showing Capo in a pool of blood on the sidewalk just minutes after the shooting.




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