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Funimation To Discuss Dragon Ball Super At NYC Comic Con October 8th

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With Dragon Ball Super having premiered in Japan two months ago on July 5th, many fans in America have been wondering when will it be brought over to the west. Well it seems like we may finally get an answer very soon.

On October 8th at the New York Comic Con this year, Funimation will be holding a panel entitled “Dragon Ball Z and Beyond”. Funimation’s Senior Manager of Social Strategy and Development Justin Rojas along with Sean Schemmel (voice of Goku/King Kai) and Christopher Sabat (voice of Vegeta/Piccolo/Shenron) will be speaking at the event.

The history of DBZ will be discussed along with its theatrical success and Dragon Ball Super. Hopefully this panel will bring about new of DBS coming to America sooner than we hoped!

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