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Father Murders Sons, Kills Himself, Because He Couldn’t Find Job

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A distressed father shot his two young sons before turning it on himself inside their Maryland home because he struggled to maintain employment.
Julian Roary, 47, and sons Julian, 12, and Ian, 10, were found by Roary’s girlfriend on the second floor bedroom. The father reportedly left a note detailing his intentions.
“This was a good man who just thought he couldn’t do it anymore because of the economy, the unfairness,” said long-time girlfriend Shantal Brown-Winn.
Brown-Winn told authorities she originally thought the gunshots were firecracker sounds. The woman revealed that Roary struggled to provide for his family and didn’t want to “burden them.”

The Baltimore Sun
confirms Roary worked as acting human resources manager of the Baltimore City Parking Authority until he was let go. The employment agency that got Roary the job said that his position was a temporary one.
Roary’s girlfriend said he was devastated when he lost his latest job. He had been struggling, she said, to find full-time work in human resources since 2009. Despite holding a doctorate in organizational development, she said, he felt he was passed by for jobs because of his age.
Neighbors remembered the boys as happy and gentle. The elder son, Julian, was “mildly autistic,” according to the Sun.
The mother of the boys–who did not live in the home–is reportedly devastated and not taking the news well, according to family members.
I’m sorry but this is fucking sick! I know times are hard, but I think it’s selfish and crazy as fell to kill your children because of a hardship that you’re through. He’s not the only person going through hardship like this. children are innocent and should not be killed because you can’t provide for them i’m sorry
my sympathy is with the babies, if he wanted to kill himself that’s his choice those kids had no choice! R.I.P. little ones.

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