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Hey ya’ll O M G the 2nd Promo for Empire season 2 got me all twisted looks like the Lyons about to fight in the Lyons Den!

Cookie is plotting and planning with her boys to get their (her) Empire back I see Andre got himself together so he can help get his Daddy removed as CEO of Empire but wait wasn’t Jamal given the title as CEO? Oh SNAP it looks like there’s gonna be a prison flight out in the yard!!! But wait a minute Lucious gonna get some spiritual or some serious activism help from Al Sharpton. Somebody I think gonna get some a wardrobe makeover from Fashion icon Andre Leon Talley. I forgot to mention Ludacris is gonna play one of the prison guards Hmmmm… Could he be talkin’ to Lucious about a hip-hop record deal if he helps break him out? We have Jennifer Hudson playing Lucious mama in a flashback!

Season 2 Guest stars look pretty good Chris Rock; Pitbull gonna make appearance and one of my favorite actresses Marisa Tomei is guest starring!! OMG I CAN’T WAIT ‘TIL Sep 23rd!! Empire RETURNS WEDNESDAY SEPTEMBER 23rd 8/7c ON FOX If you missed Empire Season 1 there’s only ONE more week to catch up on FOXNOW!
Ready! Set! Bing!

LAWD I NEEED SOME EMPIRE NOW!!!! I’m gonna sit on my couch with my tea and popcorn and just wait! #TEAMCOOKIE Although I may be on #TEAMLUCIOUS for a HOT sexy MINUTE SEE YA’LL NEXT WEEK!!

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