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EBRSO: Woman left son at Walmart to have sex

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Chenetra Washington 32 left her 5 year old son alone in Walmart to have sex

Chenetra Washington 32 left her 5 year old son alone in Walmart to have sex with a friend

If you can’t take care of you; yourself keep or find a job, can’t pay your bills then why? Just why would you get knocked up and have not one but seven children by seven different men?


Of course the family is blaming mental health issues well then if you knew this WHY didn’t you as her so called FAMILY intervene sooner? Why is it that no one stepped to protect her baby when they saw the police come to the home? I see that one family member stepped in and took the other six children there’s only so much you can do. What I really wanna know is why in the hell would you this supposedly mentally ill woman to petition the court to get her children back when clearly she is not in her right mind. I tell you the court system is fucked up backwards!   I HATE Walmart I truly do!    


BATON ROUGE – According to documents obtained by The Investigative Unit, a woman accused of abandoning a child at the Cortana Mall Walmart Friday morning was served last week with papers in a lawsuit filed by someone trying to take custody of four of her children.

Chenetra Washington, 32, was booked with child desertion Friday.

According to the arrest report, Washington allegedly brought her 3-year-old son into the Walmart with her. Police say surveillance video shows her leave the store and get into the passenger side door of a car, without any attempt to find her son.

A Walmart employee found the boy, who….



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