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Eazy-He Action Figure a Eazy E tribute?

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Eazy-He A collaboration project with Dan Evans

Eazy-He  Action figure from Trap Toys
A collaboration project with Dan Evans

The back illatration

The back illustration



When I first saw this in one of my many Facebook  Nerd Anime groups I thought this was a joke a photoshoped version of He Man  I found out through Google that you can indeed buy this shit. This action figure of Eazy- He is I guess is supposed to be a tribute to Eazy E from the legendary hip hop group N.W.A? I think NOT this is the most stereotypical; racist toy I’ve seen in years! I’m laughing but it’s not funny it’s sad really. And you wonder why SOME white folks pigeonhole us; see as one big stereotype. How are we as a people going to get RESPECT if we let this one thing slide? In 2003 a parody board game of Monopoly was invented by David Chang of China and carried by retail store urban outfitters do to the outcry from the NAACP it was pulled quickly thereafter do to the stereotypical; racist natural of the game. Soon after Mr Chang was sued by Hasbro citing similarities of Hasbro’s beloved game Monopoly.



Ghettopoly Board game invented by David Chang in 2003

Discrisription of Ghettophly


As I look at this Eazy He action figure I shake my head and wonder whywould anyone think to illustrate something so offensive; racist? The cops are already on edge; ready to get they quota let’s not give them ANOTHER reason to mistake this disgusting action figure for a GUN!


I’ve been told that ALL the members of NWA didn’t drink 8 ball ( Old English malt liquor Beer) 24/7 365 nor would they go around shootin the police like cattle as they do us more then

likely they was running from the police. It just goes to show you people of color are not thought of as human beings, we are a stereotype, we are buffoons, we are nothing but entertainment to those that greenlight a program; a movie, as long as we sing and dance; rap how they want we good. As long as we allow toy distributors and makers create Toys like this we will always be grinning puppets to these people who have generational wealth. I HOPE MATTEL SUES THEY ASS !


Here's more

Here’s more

 If you want to check out more from this toy store you can I don’t know why you’d want to but here you go!

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