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Dragon Ball Super And Dragon Ball Z Kai To Premiere On Toonami on January 7

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We have good news for Dragon Ball fans, it has been officially announced that both Dragon Ball Super and Dragon Ball Z Kai: The Final Chapters will both premiere on Toonami on January 7th. Season One will consist of the first 26 episodes of the series or as most of us know them as the Battle of Gods and Resurrection F sagas.

As for Dragon Ball Z Kai it will consist of the final are of the original Dragon Ball series, the Majin Buu Arc. The veteran voice actors are set to return along with a few new voices for certain characters.

The Dragon Ball Series has definitely been on a winning streak ever since Battle of Gods was released in Japan in 2013. From what it looks like it seems like it will continue to be the great series that it always has been. Keep an eye out for the premiere on January 7 on Toonami!

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